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The Entertainment Project

Due to unprecedented conditions because of COVID -19, our team is unable to travel to India this summer to implement my dream project in Mainhalli, India. While the India project is on hold, we will continue to serve our local community.

The pandemic has caused several people who have been hospitalized to become lonely and depressed due to restrictions on visits from family and friends.

While I was thinking of how I could play my part in serving local hospitals, I decided that I should provide resources to people who are receiving overnight care in hospitals in hopes to cheer them up.

In the meantime, I applied for a grant of $1500 from the Youth Leadership of British Columbia (YLSBC) to pursue this entertainment package project. We decided to partner with the RCH hospital to provide entertainment packages with crosswords, word searches, spot the differences, art books, coloring resources, sudoku's, and puzzles.

The rising youth foundation has about eight categories of projects that target specifically at-risk communities. I chose to do the entertainment package project as it was in line with the category of mental health awareness.

I then contacted RCH and the Foundation for permission to provide them with the packages. They were delighted with my project and immediately approved it.

I contacted several dollar stores and searched through amazon to gather information about the prices of crosswords, word searches, etc. and if they have can provide any coupons or discounts for initiatives that are helping the community. After comparing prices between the stores, I concluded that I would partner with the Dollar Tree as all required items for my package were priced at $1.25. I then filled up the application form and came up with a proposal and submitted it to the rising youth foundation.

My project was approved, and I received a grant of $1500. The amount was utilized to purchase the resources for the packages, including the word searches, crosswords, sudokus, etc. and the ziplock bags used to hold everything for delivery.

I partnered with an employee of the Foundation and a manager for general surgery to transport the supplies to the respective people within the hospital. The gesture was much appreciated by the RCH staff and patients. My project was proudly announced the RCH Foundation website and Twitter.


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