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Mamas for Mamas Initiative

Mamas for Mamas is a not for profit organization that supports mothers and caregivers in crisis though provisions of consistent support for families, communities and individuals who face various poverty-related struggles. The Mamas for Mamas objective is to innovatively aid families who are struggling, facing poverty, and financial barriers.

Furthermore, Mamas for Mamas is an inclusive organization that welcomes gender identity or expression through their vision of a future where no mother or child is left behind.

Consequently, I decided to direct my grant of $6000 to this incredible organization.To do this I had to purchase bulk orders of food items in three separate deliveries. The goal was to do a delivery at least once a month in the next three months.

My sister and I decided to team up with YLSBC which is a youth leardership organization that I am a part of. Through my mentor's guidance my sister and I decided to purchase items through No Frills as they accommodate bulk orders. To order the items from No Frills I had to create a budget through the list of items provided by Mamas For Mamas

I chose to partner with Mamas For Mamas as it is a trustworthy organizations that are aiding causes that I strongly believe in. I consequently jumped at the first opportunity to help out as it was my opportunity to give back to the community.

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