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About us

The New Horizons Foundation (NHF) is a not for profit organization set up in Surrey, British Columbia in Canada.  NHF's first project with identified objectives and goals is the Manhalli School Basic Amenities project for schools in Mainalli Village in Karnataka state in India.

The New Horizons Foundation is born from the dream of a 16-year old girl from Surrey, British Columbia who would like to utilize her time and effort to raise awareness for social causes benefiting the under-privileged people in Canada and internationally. One of the specific projects of interest to her is working on an initiative that shall help provide basic sanitation and hygiene facilities for the benefit of girls’ schools in Mainalli village in Karnataka state in India.

Currently, The New Horizons Foundation is working through the steps of the process to set up the Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) and clauses pertaining to the fundraising and financial & operational aspects of the Mainalli School Basic Amenities project.


Please visit our Blog page for the latest details. 

About Us
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