Mainalli School Sanitation Project

Mainalli is a village in Karnataka State, located about 750 km from the Bengaluru metro. Census India 2011 stats show a population of 19,124 residents with 10,089 males and 9,035 females. Education literacy is 54%. Mainalli has 12 government schools of which 4 are solely for girls.

There are low enrollment and school attendance of girls in these schools as a girl due to lack of basic hygiene and sanitation facilities such as toilets and washrooms, and availability of hygiene products. It is difficult to imagine the living and educational conditions of girls in such places. A little help, initiative and funding can contribute to the upliftment of the living condition for these students.

Project objective:


New Horizons Foundation will be working with individuals, organizations, partners, and other contributors and all proceeds will be used in the following ways:


  • Create and maintain toilet and washroom facilities that are sustainable clean, sanitary and safe.

  • Provide hygiene products in schools

  • Remove or reduce the barriers to attending school and learning – such as providing supplementary teaching assistants and tutors in order to increase the staff to students ratio

  • Contribute to other high priority and key outcome initiatives to help and sustain attendance and school participation