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SUMS and OPTIONS project

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

The goal of this project was to aid a local shelter for the homeless with food resources during the pandemic. I did this by communicating with SUMS and OPTIONS organizers regarding the necessities for their kitchen, best delivery dates, and who this project will benefit. In addition to coordinating and organizing, I also created an item list and wen to the store to purchase and pack the items for delivery. This donation was of approximately $5000 which will supply the both organizations kitchens with over 3 month's worth of food supplies to provide to the homeless. It was an amazing opportunity to help our community and those who are in desperate need especially due to the pandemic causing much devastation.

My sister and I teamed up with YLSBC which is a youth leadership organization that I am a part of. Through my mentor's guidance, my sister and I decided to purchase items through No Frills as they accommodate bulk orders.

The first step of my project was to create a budget through the list of items provided by SUMS and Options to purchase item from No Frills. After purchasing the items, we loaded in vans provided by the two organizations to be dropped off to respective locations.

I faced very minimal obstacles through the process of the project as a result of the strong communication between group members, and the support and guidance of my mentor and of my contacts within the organizations I collaborated with. Implementing a project especially during the pandemic was a challenge enough due to the several precautions and safety measure my team and I were required to take. However, this project is special to me as I helped the homeless and at risk women by aiding SUMS and Options in a cause that provides these individuals with food. I have developed several skills which include social, leadership and communication through this project.

Through this project, I am helping two communities that are especially struggling during the pandemic. I chose to partner with Options and SUMS as they are both trustworthy organizations that are aiding causes that I strongly believe in. I consequently jumped at the first opportunity to help out as it was my opportunity to give back to the community.

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