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Seaquam Cares Project

I received a grant of $1250 from YLSBC to implement a project with Seaquam to help 10 families who were in need of support with food items. My sister and I implemented this project and decided to make hampers of $100 worth of food items consisting of non-perishables and $25 worth of gift cards to each family so they can purchase fresh food items.

Our hope is that through this project we can help these 10 families who are especially struggling as a result of Covid by providing them a month's worth of food to lessen their worries during this already unprecedented time.

To implement this project we were required to plan, generate a list of required items, and contact Seaquam admin, my mentor and members of YLSBC. Further, we delivered the pre-packaged items by No Frills (Abbotsford) to Seaquam.

I faced very minimal obstacles through the process of the project as a result of strong communication between participants, and the support and guidance that I received from my mentor and from my contacts within the organizations I collaborated with.

However, implementing a project, especially during the pandemic was a challenge enough due to the several precautions and safety measures my team and I were required to take. However, this project is especially important to me as I helped 10 families who are apart of the Seaquam community which one of the many communities I personally am a part of. Moreover, I recognize the role of the implementation of these projects in continuing to develop in my social, leadership and communication skills.

Regardless. through the entirety of this project, I have been committed to the idea of providing food items to my school community. Consequently, though I may have face several obstacles, I will continue to persevere due to my goal, vision, and commitment to this project through the utilization of proper PPE equipment when handling food items for donation and proper hand washing techniques before and after the packaging and delivery of the items to ensure that we prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Working collaboratively with a team of passionate and hard working individuals have tought me various skills. Furthermore, I gained the chance of witnessing communities coming together to achieve the same goal. Moreover,I have learned how to spread tasks effectively ensuring everyone in the group works to their strengths by identifying their weaknesses and working to improve them. I have also learned that how to accept different perspectives by understanding where they may come from. This ideology has allowed me to recognize the impact new perspectives, ideas, and thoughts can have in the promotion of success. Also, working in a group setting has allowed me to learn several things such as the efficiency of doing tasks in a group, the importance of voicing my opinions and communicating my thoughts in a respectful manner enabling me the opportunity to strengthen my communication skills.

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