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Feeding Hope: How We're Making a Difference for the Homeless Community

Updated: May 29

It is Fall of 2023, and I have just been approved for a grant of $1500 through the Youth Leadership Society of BC (YLSBC). Thanks to my mentor Ravi Safaya. I plan to use this amount to implement 2 seperate initiatives to help the less fortunate communities in the Lower Mainland.


Sandwiches for the Homeless:

This past Wednesday, we had a remarkable opportunity to put the caring spirit into action; preparing meals for the homeless.

A Community Effort

This project was a true community effort. I organized students and staff to come together and prepare meals for distribution to vulnerable community members. To make this possible, I applied for and received a grant from the Youth Rising Foundation. The grant provided the necessary funds to purchase food items for the meals, which included a substantial sandwich, a cookie, a juice box, and chips.

A Day of Service

On the day of the event, our volunteers worked tirelessly to create over 190 meals. The sense of teamwork and dedication was incredible. We partnered with the Surrey Urban Mission Society, who helped us distribute the meals to the homeless. Seeing our efforts directly impact those in need was both humbling and rewarding.

Looking Ahead: Food Hampers for Spring Break


Food Hampers donation at Surrey Urban Mission Society:

I'm grateful to all the students and staff who volunteered their time to make this initiative a success. But our work doesn't stop here. I'm also planning to create food hampers to support vulnerable families in the Sands Secondary school community during Spring Break. This initiative aimed to provide essential supplies to help these families through the break period.

A Heartfelt Thank You

Thank you to everyone who participated and supported this worthwhile initiative. Especially to my belowed Principal of Sands Secondary School Delta, Rick Mesich. Your kindness and dedication make a significant difference in our community. Together, we can continue to support and uplift those in need.

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