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The Sands secondary community care project

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Due to unprecedented conditions because of COVID -19, our team is unable to travel to India this summer to implement my dream project in Mainhalli, India. While the India project is on hold, we will continue to serve our local community.

The pandemic has caused several economic disruptions resulting in thousands of job losses and displaced several families, resulting in parents unable to make ends meet and supply essentials such as food and household items to their kids.

While I was thinking of how I could play my part in serving such communities, I stumbled upon a message on my school's website, which mentioned about the food drive organized by the school to help families of students who attend my school with food and household essentials. I was considering going to friends and family in the lower mainland and requesting donations of non-perishable and household items, which would allow me to partner with my school and help with their cause.

In the meantime, my mentor from Youth Leadership of British Columbia (YLSBC) informed me about the grant of up to $1500 offered by the Rising Youth Foundation to pursue a community care project impacted by COVID -19. I thought this was my opportunity to give back to the community. I decided to take a chance and apply for the grant instead of going door to door for a food drive.

The rising youth foundation has about eight categories of projects that target specifically at-risk communities. I chose is the grocery package project as it was in line with what I had envisioned with the food drive.

I then contacted my school for permission to help with their food drive, and my teachers and principal were delighted with my project and immediately approved it.

I contacted several supermarkets to gather information about the prices of fresh and canned groceries, and if they have can provide any coupons or discounts for initiatives that are helping the community.

After comparing prices and supermarkets' discounts, I concluded that I would partner with the Real Canadian Superstore as they donated gift certificates of an additional $100 towards my total purchase. I then filled up the application form and came up with a proposal and submitted it to the rising youth foundation.

My project was approved, and I received a grant of $1500. The amount was utilized to purchase food and essential household items for four families to last over two months.

I partnered with a social worker from my school to transport the supplies to the respective families. The gesture was much appreciated by my school admin staff, which included my principal, vice-principal, and teachers. My principal proudly announced my project on the school district website and Twitter.

Acknowledgment and accomplishment

My contribution to the school community appeared on the school district website and Twitter. I also received a wonderful note of appreciation from my current and former Principal.


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