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Help Girls Education in Rural India

Gender equality and women empowerment are one of the effective and cost-efficient ways to aid in the reversal of climate change reversal. Studies done by Project Drawdown have proved that diminished education level among women and girls is the 6th most significant factor contributing to global climate change. The consequences of climate change will be extremely severe if we do not act upon it.

Climate change will cause in increase water levels, droughts, loss of biodiversity, disease and many more serious effects which are not far from the future. By ensuring that girls receive an education they are more likely to earn higher wages, take care of their hygiene and health, and have fewer and healthier children. This will in return slow down population growth. Population sizes play a key factor in transportation, electricity, emissions, the demand for food, etc. If there are adequate measures taken to increase the literacy level among women and girls, then by 2050, 51.48 gigatons of CO2 can be reduced from the environment.

Millions of girls do not have the opportunity to go to school because of many difficult obstacles such as child labour, dangerous journey, discrimination, poverty, and culture. Education is part of a child's upbringing which contributes to their success going forward in their life. The biggest factor that causes girls to not be able to come to school is poor sanitation.

With your support, we can provide schools in rural India with clean washrooms and hygienic products, and tutors, which will lead to increased attendance and education for girls which will not only put a stop to gender inequality we are also ensuring a safe future for us and our planet. Through this project we hope to 1. Improve the quality of the education of the village children.2. Reduce the school drop rate in the villages.3. Empowerment of the girl as well as boy children4. To strengthen and support slow learning children.5.To provide individual counseling to deal with their stress; depression to copewith their studies.

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