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"Helping you create a better tomorrow, today - Welcome to the New Horizons Foundation!"

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Current Projects

We are working on several initiatives to support underprivileged communities on a local and global level


Mainalli e-learning and sanitation project

The objective of this global initiative is to provide eductaion without boundaries



Basnal -Goverment Lower primary School in news

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Our Vision

“A world where it should never hurt to be a child.” Restoring childhoods to children and sustainability to individuals and communities.

Our Vision
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The New Horizons Foundation is a non-profit organisation that works to raise funds to support communities and help those in need. By reaching out to local businesses and individuals, the foundation ensures that everyone in the community can access the resources they need to lead successful and fulfilling lives.

We aim to target local and global communities that lack basic amenities such as hygienic food, water, and basic education. With support through contributions and donations, we will ensure that they aren't deprived of the basic amenities necessary for physical sustenance and to develop and reach their true potential.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help improve the quality of life for most girls in rural India and contribute to the sustenance of sanitation infrastructure in their schools. The New Horizons Foundation aims to support the development of girls’ education in underprivileged sections of society through partnership, support and capacity building in partnership with grassroots organizations to increase the number of funds and support to make a positive impact in their lives.

Interestingly, there is indeed a correlation between the education levels among women and girls and the impact it has on global climate change. The findings from a study done by Project Drawdown have proved that “diminished education level among women and girls is the 6th most significant factor contributing to global climate change. If there are adequate measures taken to increase the literacy level among women and girls, then by 2050, 51.48 gigatons of CO2 can be reduced from the environment”.

Our programs aim to generate funds to provide the support needed to create better futures which indirectly contributes to fighting climate change.

Our Mission


Our non-profit organization is proud to have helped many individuals and families in need. We have received countless testimonials from those we have served, praising our work and expressing their appreciation. They have shared stories of how our support has improved their lives and how they can now look to the future optimistically. These testimonials truly humble us, reminding us of our work's importance. We thank all those who have taken the time to share their stories of hope and success with us.

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Taizo Ellis

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Romeo Kabanda

On behalf of Surrey Urban Mission I wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your incredible team for your kindness last Sunday. My kitchen team came in on Monday and saw the load we had and they were excited. They work on donations and majority of the times they don't have much to work with and so this was incredible for them as they want to provide the best for our guests. We are so grateful for thinking of us during this time. It's just incredible to see young people like you taking the time to help others. As i said on Sunday it was incredible seeing all the young people choosing to spend their Sunday doing something that will help so many people. Just know that what you did and what you hopefully continue to do will have a huge impact on so many people. Sometimes it's hard to quantify how big of an impact your decisions will have but just know that I have seen the simple act of giving a meal to a person become the first step to recovery for so many people.  Thank you Ravi, Priyanka and Vidya for supporting these young people. This is incredible. Honestly thank you so much for thinking of us and we will always be grateful for that.

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Celena Arthur

I just wanted to say how incredible you are and you are doing incredible work ensuring no mama, child or family are left behind.  For the new list we will be gathering items for Easter, do you want me to write the items in the box or do you wish for these items listed?  Here is the signed document  We appreciate you!!!  Kind regards

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