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Cereal Box Project

Hi everyone, I'm Anika Kini, and I'm excited to share a project that's very close to my heart. Recently, at Sands Elementary School, I organized an event where 1,400 full boxes of cereal, arranged in a circular train, toppled like dominos. This was not just a fun spectacle; it was a project aimed at making a difference in our community.

After the event, I donated all the cereal boxes to some wonderful charitable organizations: the Salvation Army, Mamas for Mamas, and the New Hope Church in Delta. This project is one of the many initiatives my sister Aditi and I have led through our organization, The New Horizons Foundation.

A Legacy of Philanthropy

For the past six years, The New Horizons Foundation has been dedicated to various charitable activities, both locally and globally. Even though my sister Aditi has moved to Ontario for university, I've stayed committed to our mission. Given the widespread issue of food insecurity, I thought a cereal box domino train would not only be fun and visually exciting but also a meaningful way to support those in need.

Making the Vision a Reality

Turning this vision into reality took a lot of effort and support. I was fortunate to receive a $3,500 grant through the Intercultural Youth Services Corps Program. With this, I partnered with Nature’s Path to get a bulk order of cereal at a 25% discount. SPUD also helped with delivery logistics. Additionally, students from Sands Secondary, along with my family and friends, contributed to the collection, allowing us to gather a total of 1,400 cereal boxes.

Choosing the Beneficiaries

Choosing the recipients for the cereal boxes was an important decision. I selected the Salvation Army, Mamas for Mamas, and the New Hope Church in Delta because of their incredible work in addressing community needs. The Salvation Army helps individuals facing various challenges, Mamas for Mamas supports mothers and families in poverty, and I have a personal connection with the New Hope Church from childhood, where I saw their community food assistance programs in action.

Building Community Spirit

This project was also about building a sense of community. I collaborated with school staff and involved my fellow students from the Fit for Life program in setting up the domino train. It took us about an hour to set it up, and then we enjoyed the exciting two-minute cascade of falling cereal boxes.

A Beacon of Goodwill

Through this initiative, I aimed to support our community's most vulnerable members and inspire others to engage in acts of kindness. I'm proud of what we accomplished and hope it encourages more people to get involved in community service.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my project. If you want to learn more about the work my sister and I are doing, please visit our website under blog posts: The New Horizons Foundation.

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